Thursday, 1 December 2011

i've been under the weather lately. by under the weather i mean, staying at home and not feeling like going out. sometimes, i would rather stay at home and do nothing. these collages are the result of doing nothing.

oh, mum is coming to melbourne next week. i miss her.


  1. I really like these, a very productive way of doing nothing in my opinion :)
    They remind me of collages by a guy called John Stezaker (you've probably heard of him, that might be a totally stupid comment, I just stumbled across your blog and that's what I though of!)

  2. thank you very much beccy! indeed, it is quite a productive way of doing nothing. ah yes! i really like his collages! it feels rather eerie. it is such a compliment to be compared to him :)

  3. These are lovely :) I love collages, dunno why I stopped doing them.

    Sometimes I'm in that mood too, to just sit at home and draw for hours. Much nicer way to spend time if you ask me