Sunday, 20 November 2011

i've been in the dark drawing demented animals and painting my nails. emily asked me to come out this afternoon to see her boyfriend play for melbourne music week. i chose to stay inside and curl up in a fetal position. in my defense, it looks extremely hot outside. heatstroke hot.

anyways, you should check them out if you're in the area or something:


  1. hahahahah i dont know but i remember the thornless hedgehog picture you gave me.. that's demented and sick. but this one is so cute :') man how can u draw animals it's the hardest thing to do :'(
    btw just a thought! you know the paper collages that you have been doing on papers? maybe you should create a book out of it as a one theme thing :)

  2. hahaha that was creepy! it looked like a naked molerat. thanks asti! this is a chubby hedgehog.

    that's a good idea! we can do it for our zine as well, yay :-)

  3. kyaaa i want this hedgehog, so cute! i was just painting my nails yesterday too ;)
    correction: tika painted my nails, HAHA SLAVE

    woooohh lets do it!

  4. maybe we can adopt a cat and a hedgehog... i would be a very happy kid. haha tika jadi slave, warna apa di paint? and yes lets lets dooo it.

  5. Oh you're really talanted! These books of yours, they're fantastic! I like like like it!!

  6. ..i like the drawing, though :P